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In an era where environmental concerns such as pollution, escalating energy costs, the global food crisis, climate change, and acute water scarcity are at the forefront, the conservation of water has become a paramount goal. Particularly in the realm of agriculture, where the loss of water is profoundly felt, innovative solutions are not just beneficial—they are essential.

Alfarmers, as the exclusive provider and reseller of Polyter® products in Iraq, brings forth the most effective solution to this critical issue.

Our Vision

Growing Goodness in Every Seed

Our hydro-retentive fertilizer not only conserves water but also acts as a growth promoter and is naturally degradable. This advanced technology is like having a well and pantry right at the foot of each plant, ensuring they have the water and nutrients they need, exactly when they need them.

Less water consumption
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Less fertilizer consumption
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Revolutionary Technology

Introducing a versatile, high-performance product that is transforming agriculture in Iraq.





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Revolutionary Agricultural Technology

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People Choose Us For Our Great Proven Results

Alfarmers is the result of extensive research and testing, proven to be effective in a variety of applications including olive farming, viticulture, landscaping, market gardens, and reforestation. Our technology is unmatched in its ability to retain water and provide nutrients, ensuring the success of your crops in the challenging environment of Iraq.
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    Gazna, Erbil, Iraq

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    Conserve Our Precious Resources, Boost Your Profits, and Protect the Environment for Future Generations. Proven Results and Applications in Olive Farming, Viticulture, Landscaping, Market Gardens, and Reforestation